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Complete College America

President: Dr. Yolanda Watson-Spiva


A bold national advocate for dramatically increasing college completion rates and closing institutional performance gaps by working with states, institutions, and partners to scale highly effective structural reforms and promote policies that improve student success. CCA’s vision is a nation where all students have equal opportunities to complete higher education, supported by institutions that welcome and invest in them. Through a multi-faceted approach to shift policy, practice, and perspective, they seek to ensure equitable outcomes for all learners.

Signature Racial Equity Activities

  • Convening the Council for Equitable AI to ensure voice, participation, and collaboration on the future of AI to ensure equitable availability, affordability, and adoption
  • Collaborated with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and 19 HBCUs and HSIs through the MSI Initiative to launch the “15-to-Finish” campaign, focusing on increasing completion rates and implementing momentum pathways for students of color
  • Guiding institutions with an internal organizational ethos that puts Equitable Structures and Outcomes first, incorporating the experiences of BILPOC and first-generation students into the transformation strategy
  • Partnering with HBCUs to identify and support innovative, culturally relevant approaches to digital learning that promote success among Black learners
  • Worked with states in the Policy, Equity, and Practice (PEP) initiative to implement equity-focused, evidence-based strategies for policy transformation rooted in CCA’s success pillars
  • Advocating for advancing equity in higher education for a re-evaluation of organizational language and for it to become more inclusive and DEI-centered


For more information contact Racial Equity and Justice Institute (REJI) Team Lead

Strategy Director, Meacie Fairfax