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President: Melissa Connelly


OneGoal’s mission is to lead the movement to transform postsecondary advising and support. Our vision is for every student to have the opportunity to achieve their greatest postsecondary aspirations. We’re a postsecondary access and success organization working with schools and districts to transform postsecondary advising and support through our Classroom-Based Model, a three-year, educator-led class and mentorship program with intensive, one-on-one and cohort-based supports. We also achieve this through the OneGoal Leadership Network, a three-year community of practice focused on training adult leaders to drive district-wide postsecondary success. We support educators and classrooms so all students can define their futures.

Signature Racial Equity Activities

Of OneGoal’s five core values, equity takes center focus. Our value states: “We know that the college degree divide is one symptom of a broad and deeply-entrenched system of inequity. As our Fellows, staff, and partners navigate these systems of oppression, we listen and learn alongside one another, while encouraging our own introspection and self-work. We name and fight inequity in our spheres of influence and help equip students to follow the path they choose for their lives. Together, we work in active and hopeful pursuit of an equitable world. “In order to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion, OneGoal is doing the following:

    produces and implements a culturally-affirming high school curriculum, rooted in culturally-responsive pedagogy, that ensures students arrive on postsecondary campuses having engaged deeply with questions of systemic racism, inequities, and structural inequality
    implements a high school curriculum and postsecondary engagements that foster students’ ability to access key on-campus supports (i.e., affinity spaces, campus cultural centers, etc.)
    partners with postsecondary institutions to build awareness of DEIB activities on campus to share with students, and foster their engagement at a level comfortable to them
    supports high school educators in building equity-focused mindsets and practices as they engage in postsecondary advising and support
    through Leadership Network programming, supports schools and districts in identifying data and strategies for reducing inequities in their postsecondary preparation and advising
    has all staff members – both student-facing and otherwise – participate in a deep exploration of, and engagement with, a liberatory consciousness framework and ongoing praxis, including continuous, year-round learning
    roots all hiring and HR practices in equity, including salary benchmarking, equity checks across teams, and non-negotiation policies; and hiring training focused on building diverse talent pools, and on identifying and combating hiring biases
OneGoal’s Human Assets Team also leads the organization’s internal DEI Commitment, which states:

    OneGoal is committed to building an organization that seeks and embraces diversity, actively pursues equity and fosters an environment of inclusion.
    Our commitment stems from an understanding of historic injustice and an unwavering belief that differences in perspectives, experiences, and identities ultimately get us closer to our vision and lead to stronger teams and better organizational performance.
    We value diversity across multiple dimensions, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, gender identity, disability status, and age.
    We additionally recognize and act on the impact of intersectionality because we understand that individuals may be further impacted by oppression when their identities overlap a number of marginalized groups.


For more information contact Racial Equity and Justice Institute (REJI) Team Lead

Executive Director Massachusetts, Amanda Seider